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Miranda Banks

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Who Is Miranda Banks?

Author of best selling book, "Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Smarter". Dynamic and insightful, Miranda Banks is a leading performance psychologist who works with her clients to develop their performances in life, sport or business.

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Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Smarter. Training for the performance of life

Latest works: Through her work as a performance psychologist with elite professional sports people, Miranda Banks knows the challenges faced by those striving to achieve.

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It is fair to say that, if stressful times don’t start at school, then they definitely have the opportunity to incubate there.  Whether you’re a parent, a student or a teacher, if you seek to achieve, you’ll encounter some challenges along the way.  Performance coaching – the application of performance psychology to life – can enable you to meet those challenges and emerge the victor.

Think of how often it’s happened to you through life so far that you’ve wished you had a strategy to help you in a tricky situation.  Sometimes that strategy manifests immediately; other times, it comes only through trial and error.  Worse, there are times when it doesn’t arrive at all.

With performance coaching, you’ll have a store of strategies at your fingertips that have already been proven successful.  Not only are they successful, but they will be tailored to you, your situation and your experience.  The next time a challenging situation arises, you’ll feel confident to meet it – and win!




Please note:  In addition to my individual work, I am also available for staff inset days.  I am currently running a number of staff development programs within schools as well.



Sports testimonial

"Through the years I have worked with Miranda, she has helped me develop personally and professionally both on and off the field. Miranda has helped the team and I deal with many significant issues throughout her time at Queensland Rugby including change of head coaches, player suicides, team disharmony, leadership issues and team losses. Each player knew you could call on her at any time and she would drop anything to provide immediate assistance." Professional rugby player.



I wrote Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Smarter (FFSS) for my clients and radio listeners to have reference material on the coaching process that I use. Whether you're a sporting or corporate athlete, or wanting to coach the best in others, you'll find it an easy-to-read, systematic guide to performance enhancement. I am also working on my second book.

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